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Five Essential Windows Phone Apps

I am using android phones for a while, say 4 years. Recently I purchased a windows phone, Lumia 525. I like every aspect of the Windows phone OS, it’s simple UI, theme and speed and the phone is worth every penny. But the only problem is finding apps, I enjoyed the wide variety of free apps that is available in the android market with my last HTC. I feel windows phone is still lacking of…

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Simply the state of mind

Everything seems absurd
There is nothing to lose
Tried to find the true calling

The truth comes from a stranger
Who is a porter 
Who spent most of his life
Carrying loads

He said “there is no calling
I do this work because I like to help
And I am paid for that,
I never been sad for the life I had
I am Happy for the life I live.”

“If you are not clear what you are,
Or who you are,
Everything will seem…

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How to create picture contents for social media?

Hi friends, good day…

This is the ultimate question small business owners or professionals came over when they are planning for their social media content strategies. Every one can’t be a good designer or create picture contents for our facebook business pages. We have to hire some designers for help with a cost, or have to spend a lot of time personally to create one.

But, hey wait!

What if I…

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Munch’s punch to the Perk – Very Clever

Ad wars – we love them, don’t we? We loved it when Coke and Pepsi done that, we loved it when Kit-Kat and Oreo bashed together during Superbowl and now it is getting hotter in India.

It is Munch vs Perk now in India. Perk started it and Munch blowed it back, this time heavy.

Perk Declares War

Cadbury’s Perk recently came up with an ad that ridiculed Munch for its light weight chocolate and very…

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I just wanted a love and i never got it. Now, i started to hate love.

I was very worried, that I might hear her saying no to my love. And then I posted my heart out in Facebook for only her eyes. She might have seen it or she might not. But then from that day she was not as friendly as before. 

She was not responding properly. First time I called her and she didn’t picked up and told me a reason. The second time I called her, she didn’t picked up and told me another reason. I was very hurt. She was ignoring me. Then she even stopped messaging me. I asked her the reason. She doesn’t replied to that yet. 

It is very hurting that she is not talking to me. And more hurting, for I know not the reason why she is not talking with me. 

This may be the end… And it is hurting… 

Oru mani aachu, 
Thookam pochu, 
Kuliroda ithamaga un ninappu… 

En chinna manasu,
thavichu kidakku,
nee mattum pothum pulla athukku… 

ena solli enna pulla,
nee than en kuda inga illa…
ena solli enna pulla,
nee mattum than en manasukulla…

I can’t sleep. It’s because of her, I want her now. She is in full in my heart. 

Yeah she said she doesn’t have any boy friend, and that was enough. But then these last four days I haven’t done anything. I was like thinking about her all the time. And this is not good, I have a lakshya, I have an aim, I wanted to make this magazine business profitable. I wanted to clear my family loan. If I love her, I am afraid I can’t do all that. I am already lagging behind my personal targets. 

Some stories end, before it even starts…

And it is good that it happens so soon,

So that there is not much sadness as it ends so soon…

I wanted to end this all, I don’t want to risk my career, I don’t want to hear her telling me that she doesn’t love me. And so I don’t want to love her… 

Quote by Robert Downey Junior

The first day we were chatted like full 2 hours in facebook. And it’s been three days and I’ve been chatting with her for like most of the time. I want to meet her in person, I want to see her. But then she was in Kerala and I am in Coimbatore. Four hours away, if only I don’t have magazine works I would be there. 

Today is the fourth day of chatting with her. She was gorgeous, not only in person, in words too. We were talking about our career, our love for pets, and lots of things. To know whether she is free or already in relationship, I asked her “What are the gifts you are going to give for your boy friend? I am going to write an valentines day special article in the magazine… and it will help me”.

She suddenly gave me a list partly confirming that she have a boy friend. This was happened in the second day of chatting. This hurts me. But may be she took it in the sense of “if she has boy friend she will gift those”. But I don’t want to take it further. I don’t want to sound desperate.

The third day, January 15, Wednesday, we were sharing our portfolios. Like she is designing sarees and I design t shirts and we shared the photos of our designs complementing each other. Then she shared her decorations that she shopped and installed that day. I felt like she too was on to me and that’s why she share these personal details.

But in the back of the mind, her ‘boy friend’ thing was running. That worrying me a lot.  

In the evening, I was watching ‘Vinnai Thandi Vauvaya’ and even thought of going to Kerala to see her. I posted about the movie and how I feel about the movie and she liked the post. And added to that she liked my current dp too…

Oh God!, is she stalking me??? 

The next day, that is today, I wanted to ask her about her boy friend, I don’t know how to ask her. I was chatting her from the morning. I got an idea through my friend Naveen. I asked her about her parents and then dragged on whether they are going to marry her off after her MBA?.

She told that she wanted to work and will work at least for 2 years. Superb…

So now the difficulty level arises, I asked her, “Is your boy friend ok with this?”

She said, “No I don’t have any”

I was in cloud nine. I am the happiest man in the world as of now. This is enough for me. Not enough but her having boy friend already is a worse situation than now. So Prince is happy. 

I feel like kissing you…  now and always… 

I feel like kissing you…  now and always…